Dialog Groep helps organizations to enter into a dialogue with stakeholders and employees. On every conceivable channel and device; interactive, personal and relevant. Our solutions and services ensure greater involvement, insight and efficiency.

The customer experience changes. How do you get more profit from your customer contact?

We help you with innovative solutions, services or total unburdening. Reduce costs, accelerate product development and increase the impact by responding more efficiently to the needs of your customers and employees.



Realization of an omnichannel customer communication platform for personal interaction.

Maximum focus on relevance, impact and conversion. From PDF to personal interactive video, contextual chatbots, HTML5 or intelligent forms.

Unburden capacity and quality requirements in realizing effective customer communication.

From secondment to Services on Demand. Our CCM professionals have knowledge of the most common customer communication platforms at banks, insurers, energy companies, telecom providers and the leisure sector. We are the largest independent and most flexible party in the Benelux market.

An integrated intranet solution for unlocking content and knowledge for a better collaboration.

We ensure that you collaborate more easily and more pleasantly with colleagues, customers and suppliers with an interactive intranet. Less e-mailing, meeting or searching for content and knowledge. For 25 or 250,000 employees.

Customer Experience can be designed intentionally – or it can be left to chance.

Work together with clients to help them improve the way they engage and interact with their customers across all types of contact channel. We deliver services around CX Leadership (Maturity Assessments, CX strategy), CX Design (Customer Journey Mapping, CX design Sprints) and CX Enablement.

Customer communication in this digital world:

Fast, secure, personal and relevant via any communication channel, location and device independent. Our clients are: banks, insurers, energy companies, telecom providers, retail companies and the leisure industry..


Support our customers in improving the customer experience and customer engagement of their customers, employees and partners.

We ensure that they can communicate optimally safely, personally, relevant and via every channel. This leads to more involved and satisfied customers. This increases their operating result.

By using innovative, standard software solutions and honest, experienced employees, we help our customers with their digital transformation processes.


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